Hello! I'm Ryan Thomas, a User Experience Designer.  

I help businesses make better-informed decisions, enabling growth and efficiency.

With 10+ years experience working alongside clients from small businesses to corporates, I deliver measurable results for each business I work with. 

My work spans many industries and comes in all sizes.
From surfing to cloud software solutions, startups to enterprise. 


“Design is just problem solving within a set of constraints. In the grand scheme of things, it rarely has anything to do with graphics.”

— Adam Morse

What I do

I align the needs of people, the possibilities of technology and business requirements to either make money (growth) or save money (efficiency). The best way to remove the friction comes from the collective minds of those who do it most - you & your customers. I specialise in finding the balance: facilitating the understanding, synthesising insights and strategising action. 

Help you enhance your customer's experience,  achieve your goals and see a return on investment for your efforts - because if you don't, then what's the point? 

We'll achieve all of this by closing the gap between how it's being done and what people actually want. And the best way to know so comes from the collective minds of those who do it most - your audience.

Understanding Your Audience Designing the right thing

  • Problem Definition
  • User Research
  • Market Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies

Developing Your Solution
Designing the thing right

  • Websites, Apps & Software
  • Prototypes 
  • Design & Build - UX/UI Design  
  • Review & Improve
  • Learn, Test, Measure 

UX Strategy
Making it happen!

  • Focusing efforts on areas that make the most impact
  • Efficiency on achieving impact
  • Executing roadmaps we've prioritised of effort vs impact for streamlined success

The real outcomes of
user-centric, informed decisions

Return on Investment (ROI)
Without it, what's the point?

↑ Sales & revenue (make money)
↑ Increase efficiency (save money)
↓ Failed attempts & wasted efforts
↑ Satisfaction & delight 
↑ Engagement & loyalty 
↑ Poolside pinàs 🍹


Examples of how informed decisions propelled my clients forward.

Mobile First Redesign Concept

Redesigning the surf forecasting experience for more efficient & regular use.  




UX & UI Design, Research, Prototyping & Testing.


Significantly Improved usability, the success rate on achieving tasks was 60% higher, users were 70% more satisfied with the same services yet redesigned, and an 80% increase in member interest to sign up.

8 min read

UX Research, Strategy & Product Roadmapping

Using customer research, industry knowledge and competitive analysis to determine a roadmap of actions that will deliver most impact for effort. 


Yugen Surfboards


Customer Research, Competitor Analysis, User Interviews, Synthesizing Data, Customer Journey Mapping, Product Roadmapping, Wireframes, Content Plan, Online Strategy. 


A clear plan of how to execute online strategy & where efforts will yield the highest return.

Full case study coming soon...


Digitisation of Business Process & Workflow Improvements

Reshaping a government department's cumbersome process, to become digital, widely accessible, light and publicly available enabling $100,000's in cost savings.  


Digitising a manual internal process & paper-based system for an agency’s government client.


Discovery and design workshops, focus groups, testing, UX / UI design for desktop, stakeholder presentations & demos. 


Launched an MVP with 70% higher success in achieving tasks, rolled it out across a government-wide department with readiness for general public use. 

As this project is confidential, I can share censored content upon enquiry.


UX/UI Design Strategy for Multi-Stream Projects

Fast-paced understanding of multiple business requirements, creating an effective design strategy to roll out designs quickly saving developers time.


Multi-stream digitisation project for an agency’s government client.


Led the interpretation of client & business requirements to create UX/UI design for multiple agile teams, market research, competitive audits, gap analysis between design & build, design system strategy.


Consistent UX/UI across multiple projects, efficient execution of designs saving development time.

As this project is confidential, I can share censored content upon enquiry.


Website Strategy & Redesign for More Bookings

Redefining how a unique gym communicates it's offerings to get new people involved. 


Surfers Gym 


Website Strategy, UX Design & Build


Increased memberships & site use, and efficiencies of booking & staff management. Surfers Gym hit their yearly new membership goal within 2 months of the site's launch. 

5 min read

Online Presence Strategy, Design & Launch

Re-defining Tropiques online presence & strategy to cater to their user's stage of purchase within the customer journey. 


Tropique Australia


User research, competitive analysis, Journey Mapping, UX Design, UI & Build


Doubled online sales, doubled the avg time visitors spend on the site, reduced staff maintenance time on website.

5 min read


Online Strategy, Information Architecture and Usability

Understanding then executing the most logical method for categorising and selling photos. 


Chronicles of Christie


User Research, Web Strategy, Design & Build


Catalogues of photo's available for Aus. printing, 70% improvement on the success rate of tasks vs competitors. 

Full case study coming soon...


Case studies coming soon...

Watch this space to see how these companies increased sales and efficiency. 


Working within our budget, Ryan was still able to turn our website around to make it much more user friendly and aesthetically pleasing, making customers intrinsically drawn to our site and browsing leading to an obvious increase in sales. Ryan was fantastic to work with and really took the time to understand us and our brand. We look forward to working him again. 

- Alice, SAUCE Swim

Ryan assisted our team with an extremely challenging project. He demonstrated an ability to persuade and influence his coworkers and provide leadership to assist us in articulating some of the questions that needed to be answered. He used his problem-solving capabilities to redefine the existing business model, in order to relieve us from some of the issues with our fractured workflow, while at the same time ploughing through a multitude of user stories. Ryan was calm, measured and worked at a furious pace! His skillset is matched with either small, mid-tier or global corporations.

- Gabrielle, Experience Designer (Client Side)

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