Surfers Gym 

Project Background

Surfers Gym had recently undergone a brand refinement, moving away from High Performance Surf Centre towards Surfer’s Gym with a desire to focus on being approachable and highlighting their openness to surfers of all levels, not just the elite.

However, their website didn’t reflect any of this. It was hard to understand, lacked clarity on their core focus making it increasingly hard for new people to understand, approach and ultimately join the gym.

Project Duration

6 Weeks

My Role

UX & Content Strategy


Ryan Thomas
Grant Maskell

So, how do you communicate such a unique offering?

We first needed to understand Surfers Gym business and how the website fits in within that to encourage members new and existing to get involved and attend sessions. Once understood, we'll know what we need to include on the site and how.

The gym focuses on athletes and life athletes - anyone who wants to live and lead a healthy life. Except to do so, we had to break to the misconception that the gym was for the elite athletes only. We were excited to understand their true offerings, so we could share it with surfers of all levels to take part too.

The Challenge

  1. Surfers Gym was evolving, providing new online training, and gym classes and schedules.

  2. People need to easily see and understand what they do and how they can get involved - surfers of all levels.

  3. They needed to incorporate a booking system to cater for COVID and increase visibility on member visits to limit class capacity 

  4. But most of all, Surfers Gym needs to clearly communicate their focus on surfing fitness that's unique within Australia and the world. 


Before shots of their website.

Understanding informs design.

Focusing on their unique approach

Once we understood Surfers Gym’s core offerings, business structure and member preferences we knew how the website would fit within the end to end process of engaging with the gym. Hence the site's functions, content and structure informs it's design.

Their primary focus revolves around the gym. Hence we needed to showcase their sole focus on surfing and the benefits they enable being a unique surfing gym.


Better Hierarchy of Information

We organised the information in order of importance, in a clear concise way of what's most important of their audience to see and when.

For instance, knowing people want to see the timetable regularly, we designed one that's easy to read and bookmark. Next, for ease of sign up to attend we integrated their booking system to make it quick and easy to sign up, and made all other info like pricing, directions and FAQ's easily accessible. 

Streamlining Booking

Payments and booking to date were managed via a paper diary. All members had to do was turn up, after the session pay and their name would get written down for the week. For this reason, the booking system had to be incredibly easy for members to transition to the website. 

On every page including the navbar, members can quickly access and see the timetable. As the preferred booking platform had complex views, we created a simplified mobile responsive timetable view. From there, members can easily view the timetable, then book within a few clicks.


The Outcomes

The website's now seamlessly replaced paper management of member payments, and has now become a part of their daily session bookings. Great unprompted feedback from members new and old, on how great the website is to use and their pleasure in reading through it. 

Members understanding of the gym and it's offerings, is far more in-depth enabling people to easily grasp what Surfer's Gym offers and why. Most importantly, new members are dropping in all the time and membership is rising substantially.


Understand your user,

Unlock your potential.

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