Outside of work 


I believe you are what you practise daily. And outside of design, I'm pushing the same boundaries of progression, creativity and curiosity.


Inspired and recharged by the clarity nature brings, I love to adventure whenever I can, and capture the magical moments along the way.


Special moments near and far.



Ever-learning about the ocean and the many variables that affect any single wave. Always progressing, be it trial and error, or the teachings of others: I enjoy sharing what I've come to know and love.  


When the elements align - a perfect day in Costa Rica. 

Music Scenes by Ryan Thomas

Records, the experience of listening to a creative piece in it's entirety.


A creative outlet of infinite possibilities. I've played alto & tenor saxophone for ~ 10 years throughout school & uni, I also play drums, guitar, bass and percussion; now learning flute. 

I also collect my favourite records for listening with friends.

p.s the fonts of this site were designed by one of my favourite artists, Vulfpeck.


Trying my hand at different mediums, physical and digital. 

Painting of the ocean, moon and sunset

Some recent creations.

Rainbow Digital Drawing by Ryan Thomas
Digital Drawing 2 by Ryan Thomas

I draw inspiration from all of these areas of expression & life, breathing creativity into the design and work I do.

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